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Charity Quilts

In November of each year our guild selects  two Charity Quilt Focus Projects
If you are aware of a charity that would make a great guild focus project, please complete the form available on our website. Hand the forms in to the charity activity chairperson.  Projects that have member interest, but which are not selected are perfect candidates for a Special Interest Group project.

In the past guild members have nominated  individuals in our community that have experienced difficult times or circumstances and they have been presented with a comfort quilt as an expression of caring and community support.


The Charity committee has put together kits that may be checked out at each meeting.  You would check out a kit and piece the top and sign it back in, someone else might then check it out to do the quilting, and another member would check it out to finish the binding.  A log of quilt measurements and finished quilts will be available for review at each meeting. 

Quilts of Valor

Quilt of Valor Photos

Contact Person- Mary Hiemke

Quilts of Valor website http://www.qovf.org/ lists the basic requirements, has free patterns, information on the program and has lots of great information

Submitting a name to receive a Quilt of Valor

  1. The recipient must have actually served in a war. Form
  2. You must talk to the recipient (or family member) to make sure that they would like to receive a quilt
  3. Please limit your requests (to the guild) to two soldiers.  If you know of more than two individuals that you would like to see receive quilts, please either submit their name to the Quilt of Valor Coordinator or call up some friends/guild members and get sewing! 
  4. If you present a Quilt of Valor that does not go through the guild- please make sure that their name and information are given to Tink Linhart tinklinhart@gmail.com   so that they get on the national register for having received a quilt.
Your Quilt of Valor
  • It is up to you to find a quilter for your top (and to provide them with the back).  Check with the contact person for assistance with this.
  • Please remember that completed means that you have all of the following:
  1. Quilt is finished- including quilting and binding
  2. Pillowcase/presentation case
  3. Photo of you (or your group) with the quilt
  4. Journal or letter to send with the quilt
  5. Quilt has a label

Instructions for making a pillowcase with enclosed seams and a video showing you how to do this can be found at AllPeopleQuilt.com  This is just one pattern, there are many similar ones available- Use what you like!


Waukesha County Fair 4-H Quilt Judging

  • Each year the Oconomowoc Quilters Guild sends a team of judges to review and award prizes for 4-H quilts displayed at the Waukesha County Fair.  The winners and their parents are invited to a guild meeting and asked to show their quilts.  We are delighted to share our love of quilting with the next generation.  The creations of these young quilters are amazing and inspiring!


Waukesha County Fair website http://waukeshacountyfair.com/



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