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What is a School house?

A school house is a member presented quilt related demonstration at a meeting.  It may be a small project, a quilting technique, a demonstration of a tool that is especially useful, etc.  It is always fun to learn from our quilting friends.

What else can you tell me about School houses?

There are usually two meetings a year that we feature school houses.

There are usually three members that are presenting at each meeting. Each presentation lasts about 15 minutes and members rotate around to all three stations so they get to see all three demonstrations.

Presenters often provide a handout of their information.  Please do not copy any copyrighted information (patterns etc). These handouts are posted on our website, in the members only section.  If you are a member you can see past projects Click here.

Who can do a School house?

Any member of the guild can teach us something!  I know some of you are thinking, "I don't know anything that all of those other great quilters don't already know..... I couldn't possibly teach them anything...."  NOT TRUE!  If you can't think of anything that you already know and would like to teach, challenge yourself!  Look in books, surf the web or pinterest or youtube for an interesting idea/technique.  Practice it a bit and then sign up to share it with the rest of us!

Who do I contact to sign up to present a schoolhouse?

 Contact the current Programs person to get on the list.




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