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INFO for Wisconsin State Fair entries...






  • Several of our members also recommended a Facebook group, "Quilting with Amanda Murphy".  She demonstrates the use of rulers in quilting (for those of us not ready for free motion quilting). Check it out and see what you think!


Make a resolution this year to clean out your UFOs.  In the above link, you'll find a Challenge Chart that you can fill in with 12 projects that you want to complete in 2023.  Although there's no guarantees that you'll finish all 12 projects, at least you'll have made significant progress on them!

Tips, Tricks, and Patterns


  • Link to Rebecca Lidstrom's Color Wheel Theory Presentation from our May 2024 meeting: Click HERE


  • Link to Scrap-buster ideas: Click HERE


  • Link to the tutorial for The Plaidish Quilt : Click HERE


  • Directions for February Book Bag Project - click HERE!


  • Our 2024 CHALLENGE - "24 SKILLS IN 2024" - How many new skills can you check off?


  • For our JANUARY 2024  Luggage Tag Project - click HERE!


  • At our November 2023 meeting, Laura & Veronica from Our Quilting Workshop in Hartland visited and gave a presentation on working with Shannon Fabrics Cuddle and Luxe Cuddle fabrics. Here is the link to the free patterns on Shannon's website:



Here are links to all the BOM patterns that were presented at the January 2023 meeting. Click on the highlighted or underlined link to be taken to the full article and pattern that you can print out.


  • At our August 2023meeting, there were TWO schoolhouses on binding quilts. One was on hand-binding and one was on machine-bindings. The handouts for those schoolhouses are below.


  • How to construct a seamless pillowcase - Click HERE for a .pdf of the instructions





Other helpful hints and tips:


  • Squaring up panels:


  • A Quilting Math Guide!An306TgVXaDcoyWcIW_eXQHLNMv-

  • Quilt Label Ideas:!An306TgVXaDcoyWcIW_eXQHLNMv-!An306TgVXaDcoBs067u5UxL_l5zK!An306TgVXaDcjwmIaf_2v_ZTsndf



  • A helpful table that will help you cut the right size squares when creating half- and quarter- squares: